Rabbi’s Greeting

Shalom!  Welcome to Ahavas Chesed.  We, the members of Ahavas Chesed congregation, welcome you to our virtual community.  If ever you happen to travel through or visit Mobile, we would be happy to welcome you for Services, classes or activities or even just to say, “Hello.”  Ours is a small Synagogue, however, we have a great deal of heart and love and we are always happy to welcome new friends.

We are an egalitarian Conservative Synagogue.  Having lived here for the past 19 years I can say that I am slowly learning how to pronounce the word “y’all” and have established deep, personal ties with the Synagogue, the local Jewish community and Mobile.  Our community is a warm and caring community and our quality of life is second to none.  The challenge before us as a Synagogue is to enhance the Jewish quality of life so that it is commensurate with that which we find all around us.  Through volunteer efforts, which organize social activities, ongoing Torah and Mishnah study, as well as other adult education programs, through tzedakah and outreach to the local community and beyond, we strive to foster a greater sense of Jewish purpose and Jewish identity.  Come join us for Shabbat, for a year, or for a decade.  See what we have to offer and let us grow stronger from your presence as well.

We look forward to getting to know you.  Shalom y’all!

Rabbi Steven Silberman