Religious school and Hebrew School

For the past 3 years our congregation has participated in an innovative pilot program initiated by the Goldring Institute for Southern Jewish Life. A common curriculum is made available to our synagogue, which is among the first participating synagogues in a three state region to utilize this spiral curriculum. We are grateful to ISJL for its innovation in the field of education, which has fostered a “hands on” approach for our students and teachers. We are also grateful to our synagogue Board of directors and the congregation’s Sisterhood, a Women’s League affiliate for ongoing financial support of the Religious School. Without Board and Sisterhood support our Religious School program would not operate.

Our small school affords a close connection between our students and teachers. To say that everyone gets to know each other is an understatement. Sunday School lessons, holiday observances, Junior Congregation attendance and special family programming comprise our Religious School program. From kindergarten through 10th grade, all age groups are represented. Both Consecration and Confirmation punctuate our Religious School program. We are also proud of the fact that most of our Confirmation students work as aids in the Religious School program.

Hebrew School begins in 3rd grade and continues until 7th grade. Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45 until 5:15. We begin by, of course, teaching our children to read Hebrew. Over the course of the Hebrew School training our students learn the Friday night and Saturday morning prayer services. Additionally, we are introducing them to a little bit of basic conversational Hebrew. Over the past three years our congregation has benefited from an Israeli Shelach presence in Mobile as a result of a tri-partite funding program shared by the local Federation, the Reform temple and us. This Israeli Shelach is available for instruction in the Religious School and Hebrew School programs.

Approximately one year prior to the anticipated Bar/Bat Mitzvah date of a child the Rabbi meets with the parents. Together a date is selected and a schedule of lessons is outlined. Torah and Haftorah are studied in private lessons. Hebrew classroom instruction dovetails with the Bat/Bar Mitzvah instruction.